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Future-ready visitor management system

Secuviz is a SAAS-based visitor management system that helps businesses of all sizes streamline their visitor management process. It offers a variety of features to help you manage your visitors more effectively, including:

Quick Check-in and check-out

With its streamlined digital check-in and check-out process, you can ensure that visitors spend minimal time at the front desk.  Secuviz is a secure and efficient way to manage visitors, and it can help businesses of all sizes to improve their overall visitor experience.

Appointment booking module

Secuviz allows you to schedule appointments for your visitors in advance, so you can always know who is coming and when. This can help you to reduce wait times and improve the overall visitor experience.

Multiplatform notifications

Receive alerts and notifications about upcoming appointments, visitor arrivals, and other important events via email, SMS, or WhatsApp.

Comprehensive analytics and reports

Access real-time data, analytics and reports that help you make sense of visitors' behavior and preferences, enabling you to better meet their needs and optimize operations. 

Integration with access control systems

Secuviz can be integrated with your existing access control system, so you can automatically grant visitors access to your premises once they have been registered. This can help to improve security and reduce the workload on your staff.

Data Protection and Compliance

Secuviz is designed to comply with the Kenya Data Protection Act, 2019 and the Data Protection (General) Regulations, 2021. We have implemented a comprehensive data protection framework that covers all aspects of data collection, storage, use, and disclosure.