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The Ultimate Integrated Customer Experience Solution

Q-SYS is a data driven queue management and customer experience solutions provider that offers a suite of three solutions to help businesses improve their customer experience: queue management system, customer experience portal, and centralized digital signage.

Queue Management System

Q-SYS queue management system is an intelligent token system designed to deliver excellent customer experiences through optimally managed queues. Besides eliminating haphazard queues & slashing customer wait times, Q-SYS queue management system keeps tabs on queue-related data in real-time. These insights enable business owners to streamline their processes while enhancing the overall customer experience.

Customer Experience Portal​

Q-SYS customer experience portal provides businesses with a platform to collect and analyze customer feedback. The portal can be used to identify customer needs and satisfaction levels, and to track progress over time. The portal also provides businesses with the tools they need to take action on customer feedback and improve their customer experience.

Digital Signage Solutions​

Q-SYS digital signage solutions allow businesses to display dynamic and engaging content to their customers. The solution can be used to promote products and services, to provide customers with information, and to create a more engaging and welcoming in-store atmosphere.