Riana Group


RIANA Group Corporate Social Responsibility

Since inception, RIANA Group has unrelentingly committed to social responsibility practices that positively impacts the quality of life of the local community in which it operates and the society at large. Embedded at the core of our operations, our approach to corporate social responsibility goes far beyond a discrete set of social and environmental initiatives; We activate our social responsibility throughout the organization, mobilizing every employee to march to the same beat and integrate the purpose into their daily jobs.

We endeavor to ultimately merge the interests of our business with that of the society around us by doing what is best not just for the company but also for the people, the planet, and society at large. Some of our social responsibility initiatives are:

Environmental responsibility

Our business practices are holistically centered around environmentally friendly practices. We take ownership of the environment by steering away from practices that promote greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, waste, and natural resource depletion. Our environmental responsibilities take up many forms. These include enacting company-wide recycling programs, donating to local environment-focused organizations and coordinating annual tree planting sessions.

Ethical responsibility

RIANA Group strongly believes that social change isn’t just the responsibility of business but the result of business. Ethics for RIANA Group means embracing ethical responsibility to achieve fair treatment of all stakeholders, including leadership, employees, customers and suppliers. Our ethical responsibility initiatives present themselves in different forms that include but are not limited to: ethically sourcing all our raw materials, fair compensation for employees and transparency and fairness in our hiring, sourcing and tendering processes.

Supporting Volunteer Efforts

We believe in structured, honest and regular volunteering engagements focused on uplifting the community around us. Our Volunteering efforts are best practice not only for their beneficial social impact but also for the eventual fulfillment it brings to our workforce who take part in rewarding activities outside of their day jobs. Our volunteering efforts manifest in, among many forms, an annual blood donation drive and visit to children’s care homes of choice.