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Innovating solutions: Q-SYS delivers custom queue management system & Customer Experience solutions for UNHCR Kenya

When it comes to reliable queue management and customer experience solutions with custom features, then Q-SYS is your one-stop Partner. The UNHCR knows this well-kept secret all too well, so when they needed a full-proof solution to manage human traffic in their camps, they came to us. Q- SYS, a subsidiary of the RIANA GROUP, has and continues to be at the forefront of providing best in class queue management solutions to leading institutions across Africa.

The brief

For some time, we have offered superior queue management solutions to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) agencies in Nairobi, Kakuma, Cameroon, Niger, and Somalia. However, they wanted a custom queue management system with intelligent features that would streamline queues and capture the user’s biometric information this time around. Our design team took the challenge in their stride. After carefully analyzing the client’s needs, Our team designed and developed a Queue Management system designed to meet UNHCR workflow requirements.

Some Key Features

Touch screen monitor – The touch screen monitor makes it easy to provide round-the-clock service, ensuring a user-friendly experience. It comes with a touch screen enclosure to protect the display from physical damage.

Fingerprint Scanner –This is a biometric device that utilizes a combination of hardware and software techniques to identify the fingerprint scans of an individual. The scanner is specifically incorporated to ensure that the integrity of the data is not compromised when dealing with refugees.

Iris Scanner- The iris scanner complements the fingerprint scanner to capture accurate human verification and authentication information using pattern recognition technology. The Iris scanner is adjustable to suit people of varying heights whilst ensuring the easy verification of the persons.

Four HDMI ports – the kiosk comes with a minimum of four ports to allow for easy connection with other computers and facilitate easy data exchange among users at different locations.

Sturdy Design – The Kiosk design is strong to withstand harsh conditions and cannot be easily tampered with. The sturdy design is critically important because the solution is intended for use in harsh environments.

Other features that are important for the system’s smooth operation include call pads used by the service personnel to call the next client in queue. Also incorporated into the system is digital signage that displays useful information and keep the clients engaged as they wait in line.

With this achievement, Q-SYS steps closer to being a market leader in providing future-ready queue management and customer experience solutions. The queuing systems designed for the UNHCR agencies across the continent are testament to the fact that queues are not always a challenge but rather an opportunity to create a lasting impression on your clients whilst gaining insights into customer behavior.