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One Year Later: RIANA Group’s Innovative Entrance Control and Parking Solutions Revolutionize Principal Place

It’s been a year since RIANA Group installed its state-of-the-art entrance control and parking segregation solutions at Principal Place in Westlands, and the results have been nothing short of impressive. The modern seven-floor office development boasts a total gross lettable area of 119,000 square feet and provides occupiers with a secure, efficient, and flexible working environment.

The pedestrian entrance control solution, consisting of SpeedStiles, has been a game-changer for Principal Place. The SpeedStiles allow for a quick and seamless entry process for all foot traffic, reducing wait times and increasing the overall efficiency of the building. With this solution in place, occupiers can now enter the building with ease, reducing frustration and maximizing productivity. In addition to improving the flow of foot traffic, the SpeedStiles have also enhanced security. The SpeedStiles act as a barrier, controlling access to the building, and providing a secure environment for all occupiers. With the SpeedStiles in place, occupiers can rest assured that their safety and security are a top priority.

The vehicle entrance control solution, featuring an automatic boom and spike barrier combination, has also made a significant impact. The solution streamlines the flow of vehicles, reducing wait times and eliminating congestion at the entrance. Moreover, the automatic boom and spike barrier combination provides a heightened level of security, controlling access to the building and ensuring that only authorized vehicles are allowed to enter. With this solution in place, occupiers can rest assured that their vehicles and personal belongings are protected at all times.

Our solutions go beyond just traffic flow improvement and include innovative parking segregation using Ultra High Frequency  (UHF) radio frequency identification reader – enabled barriers in underground parking facilities. With this system, tenants are granted access to their designated parking space by simply driving up to the barrier and having their vehicle automatically recognized by the reader. This not only improves the overall flow of traffic in the parking lot but also provides secure and convenient parking segregation for occupiers. In addition, valuable data and insights into parking usage are gained, which can be used to optimize the parking process and meet the needs of all occupiers.

One year on, and we are proud to say that our solutions have greatly contributed to the success of Principal Place. Our vehicle entrance control, pedestrian entrance control and parking management systems have made a tangible difference to the working environment, providing occupiers with peace of mind and a seamless, efficient experience.

At RIANA Group, we are dedicated to providing innovative and effective solutions to enhance the way our clients work and live. With our entrance control and parking solutions, we have once again proven our commitment to excellence and innovation. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Knight Frank and Principal Place for their continued partnership and trust in our solutions. We look forward to continuing to provide the highest level of service and support to our valued clients.